What is a High Performance Website

What is a High Performance Website

What is a high performance website?

Using a content delivery network (CDN) of 23 data centers to distribute and serve copies of your website’s static content to your viewers around the world; this improves the speed of your website by delivering it from the closest server to your customer. Having multiple copies of your website reduces the vulnerability to hackers and virus attacks and greatly improves stability and reliability of your site. Security-wise it is like a firewall for your website.

While speed is important, having a simple page of text may load blazingly fast, but it does not engage or attract your potential customers. Ensure that the design and the code of your website balance engaging contents with as-fast-as-possible load time. Work with google’s best practices and PageSpeed optimizations to maximize the performance of your web presence online. Fine-tune components of your web project such as optimizing database, tuning browser caching, and maximizing google pagespeed. Hand-tune, squeeze/compress and cache all images and contents to reduce your website’s load time. Profile and analyze your webpages with optimization tools to ensure you have the best possible quality and performing website possible.

Why bother? A high performance website will help resist traffic spikes, reduce  Adwords costs, reduce viewer bounce rate, improve conversion rates, increase reliability, improves your Google rankings and indexing and most importantly, create happier visitors.


content delivery network server location map

Content Delivery Network Server Location Map


What is Our Process?

What is Our Process?


1. Discovery & Planning

“Successful businesses ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” 

During the discovery phase we’ll learn more about your needs, goals and objectives. We will also develop an understanding of your technical requirements in the context of your business, industry trends and your long term vision. We will help you define and finalize on the details of the features and creative concepts for your project at this stage.


2. Design & Development

“Good designs should look attractive, compelling and serve the needs of the business.”

The design stage ensures the website is easy to navigate through and users can easily find the things that are important. Good web designs should not only look pleasant but ensures that the user interaction is well suited for the purpose of the site.
Once the design is finalized, our agile development processes ensures that the design vision is executed with the best practices in software development and integration in mind. Many technical aspects are implemented for fine tuning purposes similar to a car tuned for performance and quality.


3. Optimization & Deployment

“Different isn’t always better, but better is always different.”

We continually strive to increase the quality of your project. For our managed hosting clients, we deploy your online presence to Content Delivery Networks across 23 data centers globally so that on average your website loads twice as fast for your viewers in other countries and is far more resilient than other websites. After optimizing for performance, security and reliability, we are ready to go live! Post launch, we provide the analysis, reports and recommendation on the best online marketing tactics to reach your goals in the long term.




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